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Heptode is a privately owned French company founded in 2010 by Jean-Luc Chtioui. We specialize in the design and the manufacture of high end guitar effect pedals and amps. In addition to making our products, we carry out service and repair works for other parties pedals and amps.

Heptode aims to provide guitarists with lightweight, easy to use, reliable and high quality musical equipment inspired by some of the most legendary tones.

About Jean-Luc:
Jean-Luc is the man behind the design, the manufacture and the repair work taking place at Heptode. After working within the engineering department of telecommunication companies for decades, Jean-Luc decided to make the jump in 2010 and live off his passion for musical equipment. Since then, he has been combining his knowledge of electronic circuit design together with his findings made while reparing musical equipment to work out a silicon-based solution, which reproduces the sonic quality of tubes without the physical burden.

For further information, feel free to contact Jean-Luc at contact@heptode.com.

HEPTODE - Boutique Guitar Effects Pedals

8 rue Charles de Gaulle
91400 Orsay
Tel : +33 9 81 86 10 40
520 794 694 RCS EVRY
VAT : FR50520794694

8 rue Charles de Gaulle
91400 Orsay
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